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Urban Heating Project

The Urban Heating Project for Armenia will increase the use of clean, efficient, safe and affordable heating technologies in urban schools and multi-apartment buildings. The project will support implementation of the Urban Heating Strategy for multi-apartment buildings and improve heating in schools through the following five components: A. Community and private sector mobilization and development of an enabling environment for effective and safe provision of heating services. B. Financing of heating and related building infrastructure including: (1) loans to heat service providers, homeowner associations, municipalities, and individual residents, and (2) grants to the poorest households living in multi-apartment buildings for improving heating services. C: Investments in installation and rehabilitation of gas-based heating systems and basic thermal rehabilitation in urban schools. D. Technical assistance and logistical support to the Renewable Resource and Energy Efficiency Fund for project implementation, monitoring and supervision. E. Refunding of the Project Preparatory Facility.


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