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Energy sector reform and efficiency improvements project

The consulting services ("the Services") include implementation support forcorporate restructuring of three enterprises of the District Heating company Termocom withtwo combined heat and power plants inChisinau, capital city of Moldova. The objective of the activity is to help the Government of Moldova ensure that the proposed merger between Termocom, CHP-1 andCHP-2 willresult in financially viable and sustainable energy company (new company), thus leading to improved heating services forChisinau and increase in efficiency of energy supply for Moldova. The activity consists of legal and financial support for effective consolidation of Termocom, CHP-1 and CHP-2 andincludes preparation of consolidates financial statements and drafting of a merger agreement. The expected outputs include reviewof legal basis for merger, legal assistance for debt restructuring, drafting of merger agreement, financial assessment and assetsvaluation of the companies to be merged, analysis of debt restructuring options and repayment planning, assessment of financialmarket readiness to provide private sector financing for the new merged entity, recommendations for the institutional and corporatestructure of the new company, etc. The assignment is expected to be implemented during the period February - August 2013.


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