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Women in Power and Decision-Making in the Eastern Partnership - Study Report

22 March 2016

The Study Report provides an overview of the most recent research and policy and legislative developments in the areas of women and men’s access to, and full participation in, power and decision-making structures, as well as in the area of measures for the enhancement of women’s capability to participate in decision-making and leadership in the Eastern Partnership Countries.

It also provides an overview of major research findings in the area of gender equality as regards bodies of public power (political, economic, and social) in the six Eastern Partnership Countries. In the political sphere, this covers: legislative and executive political institutions, political parties, public administration and the judiciary. In the economic sphere: central banks, economic ministries, employer confederations, labour unions and the largest companies that are publicly quoted on national stock exchanges. In the social sphere: media, academic and research institutions.

Finally, the Study Report presents a selection of good examples of promotion of women’s participation in connection with the strategic objectives formulated in Beijing’s Platform for Action, Area G: Women in Power and Decision Making, across the European Partnership Countries. Good examples can generate various effects, i.e. they can have a direct effect on women’s participation in political or corporate life, such as quotas, but they can also have an indirect effect such as a well-measured plan for child-care leading to a greater participation of women in the labour force or in public power positions.