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Support to establishment of EE department in Azerbaijan

The Energy Flagship initiative has encouraged energy ministries in partner countries to evaluate and implement effective sustainable energy policies and action plans. In Azerbaijan, the potential of energy efficiency is not yet fully exploited. The Energy Flagship Initiative has supported the creation of an Energy Efficiency Department within the Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan, in operation since May 2014. This should be followed by the adoption of specific legislation, establishing targets and increasing awareness of energy efficiency measures. Through various training workshops banks and energy industry representatives have learned, for example, how to analyse the risks related to EE and RES project management and what is the importance of EE and RES in sustaining a country’s energy portfolio. Groups of local commercial banks in partner countries have been trained by EU specialists in sustainable energy projects. Industry representatives have learned how to determine the feasibility of EE and RES projects, by doing reality checks, through group exercises and presentations and by training in quality report writing. This resulted in unlocking EUR 50 million loans for local companies


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