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Study on the calculations of 2020 renewable energy targets in the Energy Community

The study calculated a renewable energy share of 24 % in 2020 for the Energy Community. The level of the national shares differed between Contracting Parties (from 19% MO to 36% AL), mainly depending on their current share of renewable energy. It furthermore highlighted a vast renewable energy potential for the region. The tasks of this study were fourfold:

  1. Review the current status quo  of renewable energy;
  2. Analyse the impact of the renewable Directive on the  Parties, considering the available renewable energy potential and the provisions for co-operation among EU and Energy Community;
  3. Based on the methodology prepared by the European Commission, calculate targets to be achieved by 2020;
  4. Provide an evaluation of the costs associated with the fulfilment of the mandatory targets, investment opportunities, employment possibilities, greenhouse gas savings and reduction in fossil fuel consumption.


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