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Study of alternative routes for the safe and secure transport of radioactive waste to the Vector site and Buriakovka disposal facility, U4.01/08

The scope of the contract is to contribute to the improvement of operations safety for the transfer of processed radioactive waste to the exclusion zone disposal and storage facilities in Ukraine.
The scope of service consists of a feasibility study and a cost-benefit analysis for the construction of a railway branch connecting the Vector and Buriakovka sites with the national railway system.
The purpose of this service contract is the acquisition and analysis of available geological and radiological data related to the intended site of the railway, the assessment of the radiological risk for the construction and operation phases of the railway, and of the cost for the design and construction of the railway branch and costbenefit analysis. An assessment and comparison of road and railway transport of radioactive waste from the production sites to the Vector facilities (account taken of both costs and safety issues) must also be carried out by the consultant. Thorough and justified recommendations related to the realisation of the railway connection and, if this has been found beneficial and justified, support to the end-user in analysing potential funding sources for its design and construction must also be developed, as well as design criteria and determination of the scope of additional survey work


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