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Strengthening of State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU) capabilities relevant for the regulation of nuclear activities and in licensing and severe accident management of Nuclear Installations. (U3.01/14 and U3.01/15)

The project objectives are the following:

  • to strengthen SNRIU capabilities in the licensing of new nuclear installations (except nuclear power plants),
  • to assist SNRIU in enhancing and ensuring the robustness of models for severe accident analysis based on EU up-to-date experience and Fukushima Daiichi lessons,
  • to align Ukrainian regulation in the area of nuclear safety in line with the EU ‘acquis’, WENRA requirements and EU best practices,
  • to assist SNRIU in the practical implementation of the newly developed regulatory documents,
  • to strengthen SNRIU capabilities in complex and specialised regulatory activities related to nuclear and radiation safety.


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