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The Strategic Development Program of Hydro energy Sector of the Republic of Armenia

The Program states that Armenia is rich in renewable energy sources and it forecasts that by 2025 they will be able to meet 30% of country’s energy demand. Hydroenergy is the most usable RE type in the country. In order to reach 30% of RE presence in the national energy mix Program outlines that:
1. New huge hydro power plants (HPP) will be build:
a- Meghri HPP on the river Araks, expected production in 2017;
b- Shnogh HPP on the river Debed, contracts not signed yet therefore no estimation on potential time of production;
c- Loriberd HPP on the river Dzoraget, contracts not signed yet therefore no estimation on potential time of exploitation yet.
2. Existing HPPs (Vorotan HPP Complex and Dzora HPP) will undergo renovation
3. Steps to attract private investors will be taken.

Upon completion of the Strategic Development Program of Hydroenergy Sector of the Republic of Armenia it is expected that following targets will be achieved:

  1. Additional 570 MW of electricity production will be added;
  2. The share of renewable energy sources in annual domestic electricity production will increase;
  3. The reliability of the electricity system will increase;
  4. The energy dependence of Armenia from importing fossil fuels will considerably decrease;
  5. The greenhouse gas emissions will decrease.


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