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Skills anticipation and matching in the Eastern Partnership Countries: Study Report (EN)

12 January 2015

This cross-country study on identification and anticipation of skills demand and supply in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Region is part of the project ‘Short term high quality studies to support activities under the Eastern Partnership – HiQSTEP, EuropeAid/132574/C/SER/Multi’, carried out by an international consortium under the leadership of Kantor Management Consultants. The present study has been carried out to support the activities of Platform II - ‘Economic Integration and Convergence with EU policies’ – of the Eastern Partnership.

The EaP Platform II Work Programme has identified skills anticipation and matching as a priority area on which the EaP countries will work with the EU in years to come. The European Training Foundation (ETF) is leading the thematic work in cooperation with DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

The present study has been implemented by the study team under the leadership of Lizzi Feiler, study team leader, and composed of the following national experts: Arayik Navoyan (Armenia), Amin Charkazov (Azerbaijan), Iouri Zagoumennov (Belarus), Lela Maisuradze (Georgia), Viorica Antonov (Republic of Moldova) and Larysa Lisogor (Ukraine).

Methodical supervision has been carried out by the HiQSTEP Key Expert and Study Director Gabriele Bonafede, and overall supervision by Przemysław Musiałkowski, Team Leader of the HiQSTEP Project.

Sincere thanks go to the national stakeholders in all six countries who provided information in interviews and responses to questionnaires, and to Ana Andric, Cristina Mereuta and Timo Kuusela of ETF for their highly valuable feedback and information.