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Sharing of czech experience: capacity building and training for developing the esco market in moldova

The project is primarily targeting overcoming existing barriers for the uptake of energy efficiency technologies, EE projects financing, energy management best practices, capacity building for converting existing engineering companies into ESCOs, the environment for new companies to follow the ESCO business model, and the preparation of the overall Green Urban Development Plan. As soon as there are no cities in Moldova that can currently be described as “green”, the technical assistance provided to the municipality of Chisinau is aiming at addressing the legal, institutional and financial barriers for promoting and carrying out improvements of the efficiency energy usage in buildings, particularly those in the public institutional and multi-store residential sub-sectors, owned and operated by municipalities through the ESCO business model.
The potential for efficiency gains is substantial (estimated at 20% in the building sector), but the implementation of energy savings programs in the public sector is complicated by numerous factors, including a lack of commercial orientation on the part of public agencies and municipal authorities, limited incentives to lower energy costs, complex and strict budgeting and procurement procedures and limited access to budgetary or project financing.


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