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Renewable sources of energy (PL-UA)

The aim of the project is to improve the state of natural environment by decreasing the emission of harmful substances within the district of Lubaczów and Yavoriv region. This aim will be achieved through utilization of renewable energy sources in order to receive heat energy. The activities planned within the project include installing the solar system in the hospital in Novojavorivsk and purchasing the machines collecting chips form roadsides in the Lubaczów municipality that will be used as biomass in boiler house to heat the School Complex in Oleszyce. This is supposed to lead to the decrease in gas and coal consumption while increasing heat energy received from renewable sources across the Polish-Ukrainian border. Through decreasing the consumption of nonrenewable fuel and increasing the utilization of renewable energy the project should have impact on increasing the energy security, providing the patients of hospital in Novojavorivsk and students of the School Complex in Oleszyce with better accommodation conditions, health improvement of residents of the Yavoriv region and Lubaczów region, improvement of technical infrastructure, increase of institution attractiveness and improvement of staff’s work conditions.


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