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Regional Energy Efficiency Programme for the Corporate Sector

The main objective of this Framework Contract is to provide technical assistance in supporting energy efficiency investment projects of EBRD in its countries of operation.

The Programme targets general industry, agribusiness and natural resource sector projects but will also be available to support any project in the corporate sector. It comprises projects or project components which reduce GHG emissions in stand-alone corporate sector projects, primarily energy efficiency projects in industry. By providing long-term funding, EBRD intends to support investments in projects that would otherwise be postponed or not implemented.

The aim of the ad hoc Technical Assistance that is provided to the Bank - by five selected consortia for this Framework Contract - is to ensure that technically suitable and viable projects are eventually supported. The consultancy services will have the following specific objectives:

  • To identify energy efficiency investments along with technical staff of the companies;
  • To assess the feasibility of the potential investments and assist the Bank in reviewing/developing bankable investment programmes;
  • To confirm support of senior management of the companies for the potential investments;
  • To provide training services to ensure clients are able to implement and manage efficient energy systems on a sustainable basis;
  • To support clients during the implementation of the energy efficiency investments, including appropriate project management issues;
  • To assist the clients in appraising carbon credits opportunities and assist in the preparation of Project Identification Notes (PIN) for projects under JI or CDM;
  • To support the Bank in assessing technical and economic potential of sustainable energy technologies across different sectors of the economy.


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