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Improvement of the radwaste classification system in Ukraine

The scope of the contract is to contribute to the improvement of radioactive waste management in Ukraine by supporting the preparation of a radwaste classification scheme which is in line with the internationally agreed safety standards and based primarily on long-term safety considerations and final disposal routes. The contract is expected to sensitively contribute to the reduction of costs by allowing for a more efficient management of waste. The scope of service consists in supporting the beneficiary in the preparation of an upgraded waste classification system including consideration of clearance and exemption levels and in the development of both (preliminary) requirements for waste characterisation and criteria for the definition of a new waste category for very low level waste. Moreover, considering the new classification system, (preliminary) waste acceptance criteria must be developed. The scope of service includes the impact assessment of the modified classification system on management of existing and future waste, and support to the introduction of the new classification into the Ukraine regulatory framework (including to the drafting of related regulations and procedures)


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