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Improvement of the overall radwaste management strategy at Ukrainian operational and shut-down nuclear power plants, U4.01/08 - D

The scope of the contract is to contribute to the improvement of the operational and decommissioning radioactive waste management in Ukraine. The scope of service consists in the development of recommendations to improve the existing radioactive waste treatment system at Ukrainian nuclear power plants, to minimise the operational waste generated at Ukrainian nuclear power plants in operation, and to implement integrated systems for radioactive accounting and control at Ukrainian nuclear power plants. Recommendations concerning the available technologies for the decontamination of metallic components, civil structures, large components and for the treatment of liquid effluents; detailed indication and analysis of the characteristics of the technologies available on the market and cost-benefit analysis must be developed, as well as a concept for the transport of large contaminated components. The scope of service also includes the training of nuclear power plant staff in waste minimisation procedures, waste pre-treatment and treatment techniques. All the results obtained by the implementation of the above activities must be disseminated through procedures to be identified by the consultant.


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