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Improvement of the control and minimization of the tritium and carbon (14C) discharge at the NPP power units operated by NNEGC ''Energoatom''

The analysis of the best international practice in the area of analysing and monitoring of tritium and carbon-14 gaseous discharges via ventilation stacks of power units and from auxiliary buildings and the development of strategy for radiation analysis and monitoring of tritium and carbon-14 discharges for the 'full range' of monitoring from normal operation till and including emergency situations.
Based on the analysis results, a concept design of the tritium and carbon monitoring system for normal operation shall be developed, shortcomings of the existing systems shall be identified for all NNEGC 'Energoatom' NPPs, procedures for management and optimisation of gaseous discharges and recommendations for improvement of the emergency response plan shall be developed.
Taking into account the above activities, technical specifications for purchase of required equipment for the normal operation for the pilot NPP (ZNPP) shall be developed.


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