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Implementation of Methodologies for Adaptation and Support of Living PSA for Ukrainian NPPs

The project U1.05/09 T2 'Implementation of methodologies for adaptation and support of living PSA for Ukrainian NPPs', co-financed by EU and Ukraine, will provide Ukraine with a functioning up-to-date living PSA at a single pilot plant and provide Ukraine with all the knowledge and skills necessary to introduce and use living PSA at other Ukrainian nuclear power plants.
The project will provide general guidelines on living PSA and on integration of partial PSA models into an integral one. The work performed will include databases update, update of the models themselves, their integration and compilation into a living PSA model as well as integration of living PSA into the working environment of an operating NPP unit. Throughout the project transfer of knowledge will be performed and recommendations provided on how to perform the same tasks at other NPPs. Thereafter will NNEGC Energoatom develop, maintain and use living PSA at all other Ukrainian NPPs.


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