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Implementation of decommissioning related activities at Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP): Decommissioning concept and licensing documents at ANPP and Implementation of a pilot decommissioning project

This project is divided into 2 parts.
The objective of this project is to develop the ANPP decommissioning concept and selected licensing documents (within part 1) and start pilot implementation of the concept and approach for unit 1 selected systems (within part 2).
Part 1:
This part consists in the development of the detailed technical baseline documents for decontamination and dismantling (D&D) on the ANPP site based on approved D&D strategy and initial decommissioning plan.
Part 2:
D&D activities at ANPP require a systematic approach to ensure that all necessary permits, planning, tools and processes are correctly identified and in place prior to commencement of the work. By initiating a pilot D&D project in a low-risk area, the process for planning and execution of D&D projects at ANPP can be initiated, tested and developed as necessary to ensure it is carried out correctly and safely


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