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Green Urban Lighting

The overarching goal of the project is to save energy and to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by increasing energy efficiency of municipal lighting in the cities of Armenia via implementation of municipal investment programs and national policies. The project focuses on urban lighting sector, which covers all lighting installations managed and paid for by municipalities, such as lighting of streets, outside public areas, illumination of city buildings, lighting system in municipally-owned and operated buildings and facilities, and yards in residential areas.

  • To realize this objective the project will organize the following activities:
  • Audit of municipal lighting systems and capacity building for urban green lighting;
  • Implementation of a number of pilot green urban lighting demonstration projects;
  • Proposing institutional and financing mechanisms for sustainable replication of municipal energy efficient lighting programs;
  • Promoting energy efficiency in the lighting sector on the national level via development and implementation of broad policy instruments, including mandatory phase-out of inefficient incandescent lighting, technical standards, codes and regulations.


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