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FARADAY - Building of permanent mechanisms for cross-border cooperation in the field of RES

General aim of a project is improve the conditions for the development and use of renewable energy sources in the two regions covered by the project contributing to the socio-economic development of Krośnieńsko-przemyski Subregion in Poland and Lviv District in Ukraine through the implementation of a joint initiative of institutions supporting the development of RES. Implementation of a project will include Information and promotion campaign (advertisements and press releases, information – promotional conferences, posters, leaflets, information boards and  promotional materials, RES consultation points and 3 lingual portal - a comprehensive cross-border source of information on renewable energy sources both at polish and Ukrainian side. It also takes organization of 6 seminars and thematic conferences for four target groups and final beneficiaries, in which 380 people will participate. The results of the project will be used in two sides of the border. The results will be used both by the direct beneficiaries of the project as well as the final beneficiaries. The project will contribute to tightening the existing and also creating the new partnership contacts. The long-term effect of the project will be starting and tightening the cross-border cooperation and improvement of communication as well as the increase of cross-border partnership quality among the institutions in Poland as well as the countries under the project.


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