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Energy Efficiency in Industrial Sectors in Georgia and Azerbaijan - Executive Summary of the Study Report

03 July 2018

This Executive Summary presents the main findings of the study “Energy efficiency in industrial sectors in Georgia and Azerbaijan”, implemented under the project “High quality studies to support activities under the Eastern Partnership” (HiQSTEP)”.

The overall aim of the study was to:

  • present EU policies, rules, regulations and tools on energy efficiency (EE) and energy savings, emphasizing on selected industries after consultation with the EC;
  • review the overall methodology for conducting energy audits in the countries under consideration;
  • map and assess existing policies, rules, regulations and tools towards the implementation of EE measures in specific industrial sectors in Azerbaijan and Georgia; and
  • develop pre-feasibility studies for the implementation of EE measures in typical industries following the completion of short energy audits.

The study also produced a set of recommendations on how to further enhance industrial EE in Azerbaijan and Georgia.