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Development of a Target Operating Model for Ukrainian Gas Transmission System Operator

The overall objective of the project is to support the implementation of reforms in Ukraine's energy sector in line with the EU acquis for energy as well as Ukraine's commitments towards the Energy Community Treaty including the relevant obligations indicated in the Association Agreement/DCFTA. The purpose of the project is to provide the Ukrainian Government and Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine with the assistance in setting up of a new unbundled and efficient transmission system operator (TSO) by preparing the detailed TSO target operating business model in accordance with the best EU practice and in line with the EU acquis. The recommendations shall be supported by detailed TSO target operating business model based on the unbundling decision of the Government met the EU and EnCT unbundling and transparency requirements; create effective governance system, implement efficient and modern business processes; address human resources aspect (proper organisational structure, change management, corporate culture, qualifications, performance considerations); prepare systems (technologies and platforms) for the core operating processes and describe requirements to them; identify the infrastructure and other assets and resources needed inside and outside of the TSO to support the processes and capabilities.


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