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Development of Renewable Energy Sources in Navahrudak District – Road map for Ecological Clean Area

Renewable energy sources have been implemented in the region.Navahrudak, the second Belarusian city after Polack to join the Covenant of Mayors in 2012, undertook commitments to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent by 2020. A number of energy efficiency programs and programs on introduction of renewable energy sources have been implemented in the region.
Goal: Assist the regional executive authorities and local community to develop their accumulated experience in introducing renewable energy sources, which will help reduce the burden on ecology in the district.
Intermediate Outcomes: The Project envisages the development of six feasibility studies (FS) to be used as proposals for prospective investors. A feasibility study of the renovation of a boiler plant in Navahrudak has been accomplished so far; it provides for the installation of local fuel-fired equipment.


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