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Cooperative safety programme to enhance safety and endurance of NNEGC Energoatom's nuclear power plants in case of extreme external impacts (U1.05/12), Ukraine

The project objective is to establish an improved system for continuous monitoring, assessment and management of structural conditions of NPP safety-related buildings and structures (B&S). The B&S condition monitoring system should help evaluating the ability of the B&S to perform their intended operational and safety functions. The project work should include: development of a B&S integrity and condition monitoring programme and supporting software, development of computational models  for selected B&S (no more than 10 B&S) and performance of the model calculations  to identify the behaviour of a given building or structure and its safety margins at both normal and maximum design based conditions (no more than 15 design based accident scenarios), development of the System Design and detailed technical specifications for procuring the B&S condition monitoring equipment, demonstration of operability of the B&S condition monitoring system and training of the End User personnel.


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