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Contributions to the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP) operator for the implementation of the ''Stress Tests'' at ANPP (A1.01/11)

The main objective of the project is to assist Armenia to carry out the equivalent to the European risk and safety assessment for the Medzamor NPP. The technical specification developed by Ensreg/WENRA for the EU stress tests will be the basis for the development of the work programme for the self-assessment of ANPP.
The contractor selected to assist the Armenian nuclear operator in the development of its self-assessment report will assure that the Ensreg/WENRA technical specifications are fully addressed.
He will assist the ANPP operator in the development of its self-assessment report:

  • evaluation of the response of the ANPP when facing a set of extreme situations — initiating events — loss of safety functions from any initiating events — severe accident management issues,
  • assist the operator in the definition of possible urgent safety measures to be implemented following the outcome of the stress tests and the results of the 2011 OSART mission report and in case of urgency, start their implementation,
  • prepare a proper report on these measures to be submitted to the Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

The contractor will also assist the ANPP operator in updating the current safety analysis report.


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