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Consulting in Energy Efficiency in Companies

The energy intensity of Ukraine’s economy is three to four times higher than the EU average. The industry and trade sectors account for over 40 per cent of energy consumption. There are more than two million companies in Ukraine, most of them small and micro enterprises. In contrast to other consumers, commercial customers pay non-subsidised market rates for electricity and gas. The high energy costs are putting a strain on companies and making them less competitive. Small and micro enterprises, in particular, have the potential to reduce their energy consumption by 30 to 50 per cent. There is very limited awareness in Ukraine of this energy-saving potential or of measures to boost energy efficiency. Companies are not yet carrying out energy-saving modernisation measures, which would both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease the country’s dependence on imported energy. Energy-saving modernisation measures in Ukrainian companies lead to an exemplary reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


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