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Assistance to ministries and organizations responsible for radioactive waste management in Ukraine (U4.01.09-A)

The scope of the contract is first to provide recommendations for an improved, more efficient and sustainable waste management system in Ukraine, for a comprehensive national inventory of radioactive waste (including waste in storage facilities and temporary burial sites) and future liabilities, and for the improvement of the personnel training system in the area of radioactive waste management in Ukraine. Support to the
establishment of the national waste management organisation and to the development of a corporate information and analytical system for radioactive waste management, to be commissioned by NNEGC Energoatom at a pilot nuclear power plant, must be provided. Moreover, the scope of the contract also consists of the enhancement of the capabilities for management of programmes/projects relevant to radioactive waste
management in Ukraine and of personnel of ministries and other organisations concerned with the management of radioactive waste in Ukraine. An up-to-date methodology for radioactive waste disposal safety assessments, to be adapted and implemented in Ukraine, a conceptual design of a national radioactive waste management system and a national archive of radioactive waste management documentation resulting from Ukrainian programmes and international assistance projects must also be developed.


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