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Assistance to the Government of Georgia with Development of Renewable Energy Investments: Electricity Trading Platform

Phase 1: Support to the authorities in design of the electricity trading platform

The Consultant shall:

  • Perform a review of the available reports on the subject matter sponsored by other donors,
  • Review and prepare summary of best practice examples from countries that have successfully implemented an electricity trading platform;
  • Review existing regulatory framework in Georgia and Turkey to ensure the proposed platform’s compatibility with both countries’ regulation;
  • Coordinate with all stakeholders (authorities, private sector, donor community);
  • Propose design of the electricity trading platform based on international best practice which is compatible for Georgia. 

The Platform in particular should allow planning and bidding collection processing in order to establish the Merit Order and setting the Market Clearing Price (MCP) as well as System Marginal Price (SMP) respectively.  Based on the factual data the platform should provide calculation of deviations with consequent billing and invoicing.  The Platform should be able to perform calculation in the automatic mode with constant cycle and time interval of 30 minutes and allow simulation of different trading models in order to make the most suitable choice of trading practices fitting peculiarity of the power sector of Georgia.

Phase 2: Support to the authorities in implementation of the electricity trading platform

Based on the finding of the Phase 1 the Consultant shall propose implementation plan of the Platform that would allow deployment of the Platform in Georgia.  It is understood that implementation of the Platform will extend over several years and some of the proposed measures will not be ready for immediate implementation.


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